Club History

Foundation of the North West Mountaineering Club
Tuesday 26th April, 1955, Strand Café, Derry

The Derry Standard, 29th April, 1955:

On Tuesday evening,at a meeting in Londonderry, a group of hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts formed a Club to be known as the North West Mountaineering Club. There are eleven founder members, including five persons who are already members of the Irish Mountaineering Club or other clubs.

Mr JB Glover, ACA, was elected as the first Chairman, and Mr DAR Johnston and Mr Dennis Helliwell were elected to the offices of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Up to the present the members have, during the past three years, been covering a great deal of ground, mostly in County Donegal and while the informal manner of arranging outings and meets has suited a small number, the decision to form a Club has been taken due to the increased interest shown by a number of outdoor enthusiasts.

During the coming summer months, and in the Autumn and Winter, it is intended to hold many meets in Donegal and further afield and it is hoped, by active participation, and by Press reports, to promote an interest in the fine countryside which is so easily accessible from this city and in the practice of the not-so-dangerous art of mountaineering, together with an appreciation . . . .

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