Listed below are Important Guidelines for joining a group walk with the club:


Phone coordinator of the walk you propose to come out on so that he/she can advise you on its suitability to your level of skills, equipment etc.


Strong footwear is essential.
(a) It must give support and protection to the feet and ankles.
(b) Have soles which give a good grip.

Warm Clothing

Never forget that exposed mountains are much colder than valleys.
(a). Bring more clothes than you expect to need.
(b) Several thin layers are better than one thick one.
(c) Avoid denim jeans as these retain water for long periods and are very uncomfortable when wet.

Waterproof Coat

A wind and waterproof coat is essential.

Hat and Gloves

These are essential in Winter and often needed in Summer.


(a) A packed lunch, preferably with a hot drink.
(b) A rucksack. To carry your lunch and spare.
(c) A spare change of clothes. Bring a complete change of clothes to leave in the car for the end of the walk.


It is also recommended that all walkers carry emergency equipment plus map and compass and learn how to use them.